Nutrition Services

Sumeya qualified from London Metropolitan University with a First Class Honours Degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics. She has practiced as a Dietitian since 2008 across London NHS hospitals & Private medical settings for 8 years. In this time she worked first as a general medicine dietitian that included diabetes, cancer, HIV, coronary heart disease, care of the elderly, enteral feeding, mental health, oral nutrition support, gastroenterology, obesity and malnutrition. Some of the hospital and clinics she has worked for include Hillingdon Hospital, Kings College Hospital, Tolworth Hospital, Watford General Hospital, St Mary Hospital & St Bart’s Hospital. She later moved on to community dietetics and specialised in neuro- rehabilitation to include stroke, Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease, PEG feeding, care homes, MUST Screening teaching to care home staff, GP clinics, hospital catering reviews and food in schools.

After having 3 children she started her own Nutrition and fitness coaching business called Vitality Dietitian in 2013. She also owns a successful Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic since 2003 called The Amber Clinic.

Her enthusiasm for Health and Wellbeing comes from a young age, which led her to pursue this career path. Her medical knowledge combined with fitness & beauty experience sets her apart from the rest.

Her philosophy on Health and Wellbeing is from a natural and holistic perspective. Advice is based on sound clinical reasoning that will deliver results

Areas of Speciality

Weight Management

Bone Health

Gut Health

Older People Health

Heart Health

polycystic ovary syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome

Type 2 diabetes

High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Women's Health

Skin Health

Why choose a Dietitian?

A Dietitian has been trained to help a patient or client alter their nutrition based on their medical condition and individual needs.  A Dietitian will help you make long term healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  They are trained to interpret scientific knowledge on nutrition to improve health and treat diseases or conditions by educating, giving practical and bespoke advice to clients, patients, carers and colleagues.

If you would like to have an empathic and friendly Dietitian to help you achieve your nutrition goals then give Sumeya a call on 07984 780 372.  Sumeya Provides 1:1 consultation from her clinic in Leicester or via an online face-to-face call for a range of medical conditions listed below.


Discovery Call

15mins                   Free

Group Talks


Article Write Up


Family Wellbeing


Face to Face/ online/
phone Initial Consultation

60mins                  £65

Face to Face/ online/
phone Follow Up

30mins                  £35

corporate Sessions


Wellbeing Presentation


weight loss plan

12 week                 £250

Maintenance programme

12 weeks                 £150

Cook and eat session


Supermarket tour

60mins                  £65

*Any information on any media platform whether it is on The Amber Clinic or Vitality Dietitian sites is for general information and does not replace legal or professional advice.