Cupping Therapy is a form of alternative medicine where local suction is created on the skin using cups.  It practice originates in history in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.
It is advocated to help numerous conditions such as:
  • For tension and stress relief (ask to combine with our massage treatments)
  • Non specific back pain reduction
  • Helps with hypertonia, fibromyalgia, myofascial trigger points, sciatica pain, joint restrictions, arthritic pains, asthma and lung disorders
  • Can rejuvenate your skin (ask to combine with our facials)
  • Great for general health and well being
Properties of Dry cupping:
  • Stimulates deep local blood circulation
  • Endorphin release will help alleviate stress and tension
  • Mechanically stretches for tight tissues and muscles will ease pain
  • Stimulates drainage and fluid movement
  • Helps draw infection away from a secondary site
  • Neurological reflex stimulation


Addition to another complimentary therapy £5-10

*Please note Sumeya Jakhura is a UK Registered Dietitian practicing from the United Kingdom. Any information on any media platform whether it is on The Amber Clinic or Vitality Dietitian sites is for general information and does not replace legal or professional advice.


Initial Wet Cupping 


On initial consultation 75mins is allowed to assess you thoroughly and depending on your needs will combine therapies like Graston techniques, dry cups, wet cups, 20 mins massage & PNF Stretching techniques.  The consultation time also allows us to check vital signs like Blood pressure, temperature, weight, height, oxygen saturation, body mass index, blood volume calculation to adhere to clinical cupping guidelines)

Follow Up Wet Cupping Follow up includes 15 mins massage of 1-2 specific areas

(45 mins)£45


Target soft tissue manipulation is addition to any treatment

AKA Graston technique  alone for specific concern


Graston in addition to other massage treatment