CUT AND STYLE (Prices from)

Fringe (15mins)   

Wash and cut (varies with length of hair-no styling) (60mins)

Wash and cut (varies with length of hair & style) (60mins)£40/£50/£55

Straighten with GHD straighteners (15mins) Short & Medium/ Long                                            £10-15

Curls (30mins) under 10 years/ Adult                                                                             £25/£35

Girls 5 years & under wash & cut (30mins) (if 6 years+ same as adult Price)                          £15


Full head Colour: Varies with Length (90mins)£60

Full head Colour: Root tinting (75mins)£35

Full head Colour: Root tinting wash & finish straightening (90mins)£50

Highlights/ lowlights/ balayage- woven or ribbon 1/2 head (2 hours) £75

Highlights/ lowlights/ balayage- parting (90mins)£50

Toner/ refreshing/ shine (30mins)£35

Conditioning/ Gloss treatment (addition to other treatment 15mins)£15

Colour & Go Service (Root Salon colour no wash) (regular client only) £25

Own colour, application, & wash (60mins)£30

Own Colour only apply (15mins)£20

Colour Correction£POA

Premium Hair Colours such as Wella Illumina etc. Have a small additional fee. POA£5 – 15

If your last colour was over 6 months ago we will need to carry out a skin allergy test prior to your next colour service. Prices do not include a professional blow dry. An additional £10-20 may be added for gloss between highlights or for long or thick hair. Consult salon technician for details. Prices verified on consultation- Prices in hairdressing are a guide because each client has different requirements, lengths and texture of hair and therefore prices here are a guide from (so prices given are a starting from range- and will be confirmed upon consultation). Please also note that if your root regrowth is more than 1cm in length then there will be a small additional fee.

Fabriq Reset Service (Prices From)

Kerastraight Short/Medium (Shoulder length)/ Long Hair                   £150/ 200/ 250


*Price confirmed on consultation and after assessing your hair length, volume etc. 

What is Fabriq Reset?

Fabriq Reset is a low pH protein treatment that transforms the shape, strength and condition of every type of hair.

What does reset do?

After reset treatment, your hair will be quick and easy to manage so you can choose whatever style you want

  • Straightens and smooth
  • Strengthens and repairs
  • Protects against damage
  • Last for up to 4 months
  • Add shine
  • Fights humidity
  • You can still maintain your curls whilst having smooth, frizz free and shiny hair.

Reasons you will love reset.

Thick hair that takes too long to style? We care that doesn’t seem to grow? Frizz waves or curls you’re not loving? Reset is perfect for you in as little as 2 hours, you’ll get results at last up to 4 months. If your hair is longer you may need upto 5 hours.  Prices are confirmed on consultation. What it does for you:  

  • Smooths and straightens frizzy, wavy or curly hair
  • Resets, rebuilds and strengthens hair with it looking incredibly healthy and strong
  • Reset makes hair quick and easy to dry and helps it hold its style saving your time every single day

Personalised to treat your hair!

Your hairdresser will be tailor the treatment to suit your individual hair type, treat its condition and work towards your hair goals. It’s particularly good for:

  • hair that are curly wavy or Afro textured hair
  • thick and hard to manage hair
  • weak and damaged hair

You would need the appropriate homecare to maintain the results- available in salon. 




Kerastraight Intense Boost Service (45-90mins)£50-65

QuickFix (30 mins) £50

What is QuickFix?

Quick fix is an in salon protein treatment that takes just half an hour to an hour with results at last up to a month. 

This is a good treatment if you’re not sure about reset and want to have a little feel about how it feels to have fabriq.

Define curls, tame frizz and enjoy healthy hair that’s easier to manage whatever style you choose. 

Choose to rebuild or rehydrate, to suit your hair. For even greater repair there’s quick fix plus an intense boost of hair repair that takes just 45 minutes.

  • Keep the shape of your hair repairing and adding shine gives an intense boost of either moisture or strength to the hair
  • define curls
  • Results that last 30 days

You leave the salon with hair that is dry but not straightened. 

Quick fix + (60mins) £65

Intensify the treatment and the results. 

What is Quick Fix Plus? For even greater repair, strength and hydration in just 60 minutes.  We blow dry & Iron the treatment into your hair for lasting results. 

Quick fix plus provide an even more luxurious in silent treatment. Leaves thick, dry weak or damaged her feeding stronger, softer healthier and with incredible shine. For hair that means an extra boost to leave it looking and feeling amazing, with results that last up to for one month can be repeated once a week with better results each time prolong the duration of the reset treatment, a great introduction to Fabriq treatments and products.

You leave the salon with a straight finish. 


Includes wash, condition, scalp massage and steam and rough dry£50


Nioxin is a 3 Part System for effective treatment of thinning hair, fine hair and dandruff.  It promotes scalp health and help thicken hair density.

Nioxin Microscope Consultation £10 (use Hair & Scalp Consultation option)

Nioxin Scalp Dermabrasion£35

Nioxin Colour Protect£10 added to any Colour service


Short/ Medium/ Long Hair (4-6 hours)                                  from £250/350/450

*Price confirmed on consultation and after assessing your hair length, volume etc. 

We also recommend a strand test. 

Bio Straight is a revolutionary and innovative Nanoplastia treatment that: straightens, hydrates, rebuilds, and gives incredible shine for 6-10 months. Combining the very best natural and sustainable ingredients from Brazil with the latest scientific technology allows Bio Straight to work from within and achieve continuous improvement and protection for the scalp and hair.  You can colour your hair after 5 days.

Recommended for all hair types. For customers who would like to achieve 100% straight and smooth hair.

  • Eliminates 100% frizz
  • Straightens the hair 100%
  • Perfectly straight hair for 6-10 months
  • Deeply nourishing and hydrating
  • Restores deep into the hair fibre
  • Gives high-impact shine
  • Fast and simple application (no need to wash hair prior to the treatment)
  • Cruelty-free- not tested on animals
  • Vegan/plant-based
  • Contains no harsh chemicals (e.g. Formaldehyde)
  • Does not produce a strong smell
  • Holds no health risk to the client or professional
  • Dermatologically tested

Homecare is required to sustain the results- available to purchase from the salon.

Wellaplex In Salon Stand Alone Treatment (20mins)£35

Wellaplex is an in salon treatment that reconstructs bonds for stronger more manageable hair. It is designed so we can add it into the colouring service or lightening process to improve the quality of your hair. Or do it as a stand-alone conditioning treatment. Not including blow dry.

Wellaplex with another Colouring Treatment (20mins)£20

Olaplex Sevice available as stand Alone Conditioning Treatment£35

Olaplex with another service£20