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Ladies Only

Why The Amber Clinic?​

The Amber clinic is  an oasis of wellbeing for your skin, hair, body and mind where you can enjoy the finest therapeutic treatments and products.  

Skin and Beauty Experts

The Amber Clinic has over 20 years of expertise and experience in delivering a range of professional services and treatments. It has taken a total of ten years full time study followed with continued professional development to arrive at this platform today. Our desire and commitment is to help women with their skin, hair and diet needs.

Non- Surgical Solutions

Our ethos is we provide non invasive and non surgical solutions. You will get results the natural way. There is no or very minimal down time for most treatments. If time is of essence we can offer procedures that can be performed during lunch hours. Or if you have the luxury of time and would like an ultimate pamper you will look no further.

Latest technology

We only invest in technologies that you ask for, are tested personally by us for results and scientifically proven for delivering successful results.We pride in delivering one to one services. You will not be disappointed.

Bespoke Consultations

We listen to your needs, we advise, we are flexible, we jointly plan a treatment journey for you and we work with you to deliver the best results to meet your goals.  All treatments include a through consultation.  Clients are attended individually in a confidential and relaxing manner.  On request variations  can be made to treatments to suit individuals.  It is a ladies only clinic.All hair and beauty treatments are for ladies only.  Only dietary consultations are available to men when accomapnied by a female. 


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