All Tinting procedures require a patch test before approval.

HD Brows

HD Brows
HD Brows
£20 (45mins)
HD Brow follow up (within 4 weeks)£15

Eyebrow Extensions

This is a new area in the beauty industry.  You can gap fill or create a complete new eyebrow for that perfect day, weekend away or if you have been tweezer happy and need a temporary fix.  It is a great option for alopecia sufferers because eyebrow extensions can be applied on to the skin.  Attaching onto hair last longer than on the skin and they normally last 5-10 days with good aftercare.  

Eye brow Extensions (10mins-60mins)£5-40

ear piercing

Includes sterilised earrings

Child: 4 months+ post all immunisations

One side£15
Both sides
Both sides


Patch test required

Lash & brow tinting£13
Eyebrow Tinting£6
Eye Lash Tinting£8

eyelash perming

Enhances your lashes, and lifts your lashes to a wonderful curl
(Lasts up to 4-6 weeks) and includes hand or foot massage

Eyelash Perming (45 mins)- not available at present£35

LVL Lash Lift

LVL Lash Lift
LVL Lash Lift


LVL lashes

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift.  It’s a relaxing 45minute treatment that will change your own lashes to longer fuller looking lashes without the need for lash extensions.    There is no damage to your own lashes as the latest innovative technology is used to gently straighten and lift your own lashes and create a wide- awake lash lift.  You can enjoy your new lashes for up to six weeks, making it a low maintenance treatment.  The results speak for themselves.


LVL Lash Lift                                                                       From

LVL Lash Lift/ Perm                                                          £45 (includes lash tint)




lets go lashes


Lets’s Go Lashes is an ultimate treatment to transform you lashes in a flash.  It is perfect for the ladies always on the go.  These lash extensions are renowned for their comfort and durability.

Let’s go is really “The Lash in a Flash” offering three options:

Let’s Go Express Lashes
Let’s Go Express Lashes
Let’s Go Cluster Lashes
Let’s Go Cluster Lashes
Let’s Go Strip Lashes
Let’s Go Strip Lashes


  1. Let’s Go Express Lashes

    The treatment takes approximately 30-45mins depending on chosen effect.  The lashes are individually applied, ensuring a full and even look for longer, thicker and more luscious lashes.  They last up to two weeks. 


    Express Lashes                                                                 From

    Natural look                                                                       £25

    Glamorous Look                                                                £35

    Lower lashes                                                                      £10


    A *free professional removal (normally costing £5) is included in treatment price if, removal is booked in for two weeks from date of application. 

    *Subject to availability of appointment.  Rearranging removal appointment will nullify this offer and will require payment.



  2. Let’s Go Cluster Lashes

    These take only ten minutes to apply and use cluster application.  Ideal for those wanting quick yet full and softer touch.  They last up to one week.


    Cluster Lashes                                                                        From

    Half set                                                                                  £15        

    Full set                                                                                   £20

    Full set w/ semi-permanent glue                                       £25


    A *free professional removal (normally costing £5) is included in treatment price if, removal is booked within one week from date of application. 

    * Subject to availability of appointment.  Rearranging removal appointment will nullify this offer and will require payment.


  3. Let’s Go Strip Lashes

    In just five minutes get fabulous, flirty and sexy lashes.  Suitable for all eyes shapes and all occasion make up.  Lasts for the day and does not require professional removal.

    So get that Celebrity Size Impact for you next night out!

    Strip Lash (including application)                             £10


nimue eye treatment

Designed specifically for the delicate eye area.  An eye serum, collagen enriched eye film & mask provide intense hydration & more youthful appearance.  

Nimue Eye Treatment (30 mins)£35

dermalogica eye treatment

Dermalogica microzone eye treatment for targeted eye treatment  

Dermalogica Eye Treatment (30 mins)£35

caci non surgical eye lift

Excellent treatment to treat dark circles, puffy eyes, saggy lids and crows feet.  This treatment is tailored using a combination of therapies to deliver the results you want. 

Caci Non-Surgical Eye Lift (40 mins)£40

schrammek cool eyes

Cools tired eyes, prevents & treats fine lines & wrinkles 

Dr Schrammek cool eyes (25 mins)£30

schrammek eye lift

To prevent and treat dark circles, lines and wrinkles.  

Dr Schrammek Eye Lift (30 mins)£30