laser skin rejuvenation

Prices on assessment- please ask therapist.   Specific treatments for acne, pigmentation and general rejuvenation prescribed and quoted upon consultation.  

Prices start from as little as £25. 


advanced electrolysis treatment

(Guide prices: from)

Warts/ cysts/ Milia removal (15 mins)
Warts/ cysts/ Milia removal (15 mins)
Spider naevi & blood spot treatments (15 - 20 mins)
Spider naevi & blood spot treatments (15 - 20 mins)
Skin Tags (20 - 25 mins)
Skin Tags (20 - 25 mins)
Red/ thread vein treatment (20 - 25 mins)
Red/ thread vein treatment (20 - 25 mins)
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (20 - 25 mins)
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (20 - 25 mins)

Note:  May need doctor’s letter to confirm skin disorder and/or blemishes

Medik8 Medi-Spa Facials and Peels

Medik8 is an award winning Global skincare brand formulated by a team of biochemists and pharmacologists in London, UK.  The Medik8 Team has a combined experience of over forty years.  Medik8 was launched in 2009.  It believes in specially formulated products in small batches by hand to ensure freshness and potency of actives.  It offers solutions for skin-ageing, acne, redness, pigmentation and dryness.  It is globally recommended by Doctors, Dermatologists, Nurses and Skin Therapists.

Please note: Medik8 facials do require priming products and aftercare too. This can be discussed on initial consultation which needs to be 1-2 weeks prior to your treatment of choice. A deposit of £15 will need to be made at consultation and we will provide a Vitamin A and C to prime your skin.   The after- care pack (can be used for more than one session) costs £50-£75 as required- to be discussed.

Medik8 Superfacial

This facial uses carefully blended enzyme papain to exfoliate any skin types including hypersensitive skins.  It is a natural alternative to the chemical peels and can be done as lunchtime treat.  There is virtually no or minimal downtime.  Plan 2-4 weeks before any big event.   Benefits: stimulates collagen, cell renewal, improved skin tone & texture, elasticity, dryness, reduces pores, pigmentation & fine line appearance. It also deep cleanses pores to prevent whiteheads and blackheads.

Medik8 Superfacial (50mins)£55

Medik8 Beta Peel

Beta Peel is a superficial chemical peel especially designed for acneic skin.  It rapidly brings acne under control and greatly reduces further outbreaks. It targets blocked pores, comedones and inflammation. It delivers a high dose of salicylic acid and azelaic acid into the pores and follicles directly, keeping pores clear of debris and therefore fewer pore blockages and breakouts on your skin.  A course of treatments is normally recommended.

Medik8 Beta Peel (45mins)£65

Medik8 Light Peel

Is a mild revitalising peel for acneic and lightly wrinkled skin.  It effectively reduces excess sebum, signs of ageing and light scaring. Betahydroxy acid salicylic acid helps exfoliate and unclog pores and resurface skin for an instant renewed complexion. Sun damage can be visible improved such as pigmentation and age spots using lactic acid. Mandelic acid targets the fine lines and wrinkles.

Medik8 Light Peel (45mins)£65

Medik8 White Peel

White peel is a chemical peel is specially designed to treat sun damaged skin and all types of hyperpigmentation.  The best way to achieve brighter, even skin tone, free of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, is to eliminate the skin cells rich in melanin and prevent darkening of the new skin cells.  This peel penetrates the skin’s pigment cells to gently reduce appearance of unwanted discoloration for a more even skin tone.

Medik8 White Peel (45mins)£65

Medik8 Eye Peel

Eye peel is specially designed to gently target the under eye area, crow’s feet & upper eye lid’s regeneration and cell turnover.  This is an antiaging eye peel.  The eye area tends to show the first signs of ageing i.e. reduced tone, plumpness, dehydration & fine lines, as early as in your mid-twenties. It has gentle alpha hydroxyl acids to avoid irritation and inflammation whilst hydrating to alleviate excess dryness & peeling.

Medik8 Eye Peel (30mins)£50

Rejuvapen Microneedling


Micro needling or skin needling is a minimally invasive non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment.  It involves the production of numerous controlled microscopic needle incisions in the papillary and reticular dermis to create a controlled injury response within tissue through a physical and mechanical mechanism. The tiny pin prick wounds help generate collagen and elastin at a cellular level, enhance penetrations of topical formulations, increasing the bioavailability of actives and enabling the absorption of large molecules.

Traditional ablative treatments like CO2 laser, medical dermabrasion and deep chemical peels cause a 2nd degree burn in the dermis by removing the epidermis and hence have added risks i.e. prolonged widespread inflammation, increased downtime and healing period, acute UV sensitivity, potential hypo or hyperpigmentation and permanent scarring.

This is why now we chose a more modern technique such as micro needling or skin needling which is non-ablative and yet as effective as traditional ablative treatments at inducing new collagen synthesis without the need to remove the epidermis.

Advatages of microneedling over traditional methods:

  • Post treatment inflammation subsides within a few days

  • Accelerated healing period

  • Downtime: 48 hrs

  • No or minimal UV sensitisation

  • Very low risks or side effects

  • Less pain

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Cost effective as lower in price and fewer treatments required

  • Can be used on all body parts: under eye and peri-oral area, neck, décolletage, hands & others

  • No risk of permanent skin discoloration

Microneedling Pen Indications for treatment:

Ageing skin

  • To firm and tighten flaccid skin

  • To improve overall skin quality and texture by thickening the epidermis

  • Smoothens lines, wrinkles and folds

  • Improves appearance of enlarged pores


  • Decrease appearance of atrophic & hypertrophic scars

  • Improve scars from acne, lacerations, chicken pox, burn, accident or injury

  • Helps relax old scars

  • Diminish appearance of old surgical scars


  • To lighten pigmentation scars and stabilise general tone and pigmentation of skin

Stretch marks

  • Improves appearance of stretch marks by effectively thickening the skin to lift and tighten hence improving its texture & tone of the skin.  Great especially when combined with other therapies from treatment menu


  • Appearance of cellulite is reduced especially when combined with other treatments from the treatment menu


Hair restoration

Skin tightening after weight loss

Mild Rosacea (vascular form only)

Typical course: 3 sessions at 6 weeks interval

Microneedling Duration average: 60-90mins (e.g. full face)£150
Microneedling Duration: 45mins (e.g. only cheeks)£99
Other body parts £POA

Nimue Medi-Spa Facials and Peels

Nimue Microneedling

A specialized rejuvenation treatment performed with microneedle roller to stimulate collagen induction and serves as a trans dermal delivery of active ingredients within Nimue's Transdermal solutions (TDS). Nimue TDS solutions are preservative free 100% pure active components with ingredients such as ascorbic acid for rejuvenation of photo damaged skin, DMAE, Alpha lipoic acid and silicum for firming of sun damaged and ageing skin. TDS solutions available for sensitive, problematic, environmentally damaged and pigmented skin.

Nimue Microneedling (60-90mins) single area e.g. face-face & neck £99-150

Nimue Rejuvenation Booster

Personalised, tailored skin treatment to target your specific conditions using the clinically tested transdermal solutions alongside the active rejuvenation peel. This treatment delivers more intense results in a quicker time. Recommended use of the Pre & Post Skin strengthening serum to intensify healing and repair barrier function for healthy skin with this treatment.

Recommended in a course of 6 or 12 treatments

Nimue Rejuvenation Booster (60mins)£65

Nimue 35% Glycolic Peel

Deep controlled exfoliation of the skin to clarify the texture and deliver superior results. This treatment can only be prescribed by your skin therapist for your particular skin condition.

Recommended as a combined course with active rejuvenation treatments

Nimue 35% Glycolic Peel (60 mins)£65

Nimue Bio Lacto Peel

Brightening complex of acids designed to target ageing and hyperpigmentation. This treatment has the added benefit of dual exfoliation action through the use of a potent enzymatic exfoliant as well as the peel. Contains powerful anti-oxidant properties against free radical environmental ageing.

Recommended as a course of 6 or 12 treatments

Nimue Bio Lacto Peel (75mins)£65

Nimue Penta Salaic Peel

Complex of acids designed in a water based peel to target the causes of problematic skin conditions. It has a slow release cumulative effect, so as not to overstimulate the skin and has calming, anti-inflammatory effect on this type of skin condition.

Recommended as a course of 6 or 12 treatments

Nimue Penta Salaic Peel (75mins)£65