Relocation for The Amber Clinic from London to Leicester!

To all my lovely Ladies,

I know its been a little while since I posted something through this portal.

I have had some exciting changes to our lives happen in the last few months.  We have finally moved to Leicester.  As mentioned it was hard to leave so many long term clients, friends and relations behind.  However we are looking forward to a new beginning in Leicester.

I have been practicing on a freelance basis at present in Leicester which has been fun.  The salon is under under some maintenance and I should hopefully commence working from home soon.

For all my new clients in Leicester and those looking to use my services, I welcome you with open arms and promise that you will not be disappointed.  I work on an appointment based system only and I have a holistic approach to all my services.  I am a reliable, honest and meticulous in everything I do.

I have a wide range of services to include:

Hair: cut, colour, treat, Kerastraight treatments, hair steaming and hair loss solutions.

Beauty: facials, threading, waxing, laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, micro needling, microdermabrasion, fat freezing, cellulite treatments, massages, dry cupping, HD brows, LVL lash lifts, lash extensions, electrolysis, skin tag removals, red vein removal and much more!

Diet: nutrition and fitness advice for weight loss, weight gain, polycystic ovaries, Irritable bowel syndrome, skin conditions like acne, menopause, arthritis and much more.  

I look forward to my new adventure in Leicester and hope to deliver a great service to you all!

Best wishes

Sue x